The top 5 freshwater fishing places in America

The top 5 freshwater fishing places in America

America has a number of rivers and lakes in almost all around the country. This makes it a perfect destination for freshwater fishing.

The top 5 freshwater fishing places that we recommend to you

1. Bighorn River, Montana

As a large river, it is one of the best places to catch freshwater fish in America. Many people do not realize the importance of this river because it is a little bit less frequented because of the difficult access. However, this Montana's river has much to offer to anyone who wants to catch fish by fly-fishing and spin fishing. Rainbow trout is the most common fish that you can catch in this clear and gentle cool water river.

2. Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri

It is famous as one of the best freshwater fishing places in the United States thanks to its abundant bass. The careful management is the main reason why this lake has a large number of bass. The lake has a number of small mouth, large mouth and spotted bass, white crappie, long ear sunfish which makes it a much appreciated place for fishing activity. Fishing can be practiced here in almost all seasons of the year. You will be more successful by using smaller natural baits to catch fish because the water is clear all year-round.

3. Thousand Islands, New York

It is a large area located in the St. Lawrence River. The archipelago is composed of more than 1800 tiny islands which work together to make the beauty of the area. It is the best source of freshwater fish in America. This is due to the variety of freshwater fish that it provides in almost all over the years, especially in summer. When you are fishing in this large river, think of many unusual fish to catch like bass, panfish, muskellunge, yellow perch and walleye.

4. Kobuk River, Alaska

It is situated in the Northwestern Alaska and considered as one of the largest rivers in this region. The area looks really amazing with the range of plains, low rolling mountains and the clear water. The river is home to a large number of sheefish, trout, chum salmon, pike, arctic grayling, and some others. Regardless of the difficult access to the river, people who love adventure do not pose a problem to take a fishing trip here.

5. Lake Fork Reservoir, Texas

Situated in the north part of Quitman Texas, Lake Fork Reservoir should not be forgotten whenever you talk about the best sources of freshwater fish in America. The lake has a large number of fish such as a large mouth and white bass, bream, perch, channel catfish and almost all types of sunfish. Thanks to a large variety of fish in this lake, many local and foreign sport fishers come here to pass an adventurous time catching freshwater fish.

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