5 best fishing places in America

5 best fishing places in America

America is a perfect destination for any kind of travel. America is not only well-known for its beautiful attractions and the spectacular cities, but it also offers a number of places for fishing activity. Many of American hotels and airlines are in relation with Opodo which is an online travel agency working on international travel services. This makes your travel easier by making the booking online on Opodo's website.

Which places are the best for fishing in America?

1. Florida Keys in Florida

Situated in the Southern coast of America in Florida, the Florida Keys are one of the most visited places when it comes to fishing. It is a popular place and considered as the paradise of anglers. The area is characterized by warmer water and it offers plentiful fish including bonefish, snook, king fish, permit, sharks, mutton snapper, tarpon, dolphins, blackfin tuna, swordfish, redfish and many others. If you want to succeed more in the fishing, you would better charter a boat and head to the aqua-blue water.

2. Kona in Hawaii

Many tourists consider Kona River as one of the best fishing spots in America, especially for sport fishing. It is really popular thanks to the best adventures that it offers too many anglers from many regions and countries. This calm river is situated in the western part of the Big Island's shore. Deep-sea fishing is the best way to catch fish in Kona, this is due to the deep water. If you are fishing on this large lake, expect a variety of fish such as sharks, tuna, blue marlin, mahi mahi, sailfish and striped marlin.

3. Outer Banks in North California

If you are fishing just with an aim of catching, Outer Banks is recommended to you. Going on a fish trip to this spot is easier because of the existence of various agencies which support you with fishing equipment and license. Catching fish in this Californian fishing spot can be done in many ways like, fly-fishing, braking fishing, pier fishing, and boat fishing. Striped bass, spot, black drum, flounder, blue fish, cobia and croaker are among the most common fish to catch in Outer Banks.

4. Bighorn River in Montana

It cannot be removed from the list of America's best fishing spots. As a large river, it is a perfect destination for those who want to catch black crappie, brown trout, channel catfish, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, walleye and some others. The large river is located in Montana. The most common way to catch fish here is flying fish. Regardless of the hard access to the place, many anglers come here to experience the adventurous professional and recreational fishing.

5. Thousand Islands in New York

The place is first composed of thousands of tiny islands located in almost all over a big river of New York which is the Lawrence River. The best freshwater fish of America are mainly from this large river. To make your visit and fishing better, you should go to the place in summer time. Your chance to explore abundant fish is extended then. During the summer season, you can expect to catch a variety of fish such as walleye, bass, salmon and muskellunge.